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Why are foreigners so interested in finding a Russian wife?

The desire of foreigners to marry Russian women is constantly growing. In Italy the book “How to marry a Russian woman” was published, which gives detailed advice on how to marry a Russian woman and how to build communication with her after the wedding. So why are foreigners so interested in Russian bride? Russian women:

  • fully immersed in family matters. Men from foreign countries claim that young Russian girls do not imitate their feelings. If they love - then with all heart giving herself to the family. Even if it is a fake marriage, the Russian bride treats a man with great care, trying to surround him with affection and tender, delving into problems and helping to solve life problems;

  • ready for trouble, risk and problems. Brides from Russia are not afraid of temporary difficulties that arise in the process of moving. They endure troubles such as lack of funds or lack of stable work. This is most often due to the fact that Russian brides expect from a future with a foreigner more than they could achieve in their homeland;

  • take care of themselves. For foreign suitors, it remains important that Russian brides try to look good. The beauty of Russian women is recognized all over the world, but for foreigners to win such a woman is a separate reason for pride;

  • low queries. Russian brides try to avoid scandals, if a man does not give them much time. The very fact that they were chosen by a foreigner is already increasing in their own eyes. Therefore, the absence of claims is another plus to the choice of the Russian bride;

  • liberated. Unlike European women, Russian brides are more willing to make experiments with her husband, including intimate life;

  • submissive. The Russian bride does not try to shift the responsibility for the family onto her shoulders; she will gladly give this function to the man and allow him to feel like the head. This is most appreciated by Turkish men, since matriarchy is rare in their country;

  • smart. Brides from Russia have wisdom, so with such a wife conflicts and misunderstandings in the family are carried out easier. The Russian woman will listen to her husband, give good advice and keep silent in tense situations, thereby smoothing out “sharp corners”.

At international dating sites, sexy Russian women have always been in high demand. Men of all age groups and skin colors are ready to meet Russian women and often make strong families, despite cultural and language barriers. Why do foreigners like Russian brides so much? Why are Russian women so beautiful? - One of the most frequent answers to these questions - is for their immediacy.

Representatives of the nations ​​argue that the affair with a Russian bride is an adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime. Relations with a beautiful Russian bride are rich in emotions and so bright that men are ready to forgive such girls for all their whims.

Several ways to find a wife in Russia

Due to the dating site, men can remotely determine which of the Russian brides will suit them as much as possible - for this they need to study questionnaires. This is the ideal way for shy and closed people, as well as for those who do not like to waste time idling.

Surprisingly, but almost 30% of modern marriages were born due to dating platform. The secret of success is simple - people, which are registered here, are really ready for a serious relationship, but do not have time for empty meetings because of work, career, children. But men should keep in mind that the profile at the site may not not entirely true - brides often underestimate the real age, put a more youthful photo, add interesting hobbies, or expose themselves to extremely romantic persons.

How do men choose brides, with whom they will then create families, live together and settle life issues? The process is complicated by the fact that not every bride is suitable for the role of the “ideal spouse.” Consider the various theories of how a marriage partner is selected:

  • “Trading Deal” - the partner is selected as a “profitable product”, which is ideally suited for the implementation of ideas. Here the social and economic situation, education and personal qualities become important. If both are mutually beneficial, then create a married couple;

  • "Equal to me" - bride is selected socially equal. As before, kings and queens created marriage unions only with their peers, so far, status, material status, a set of qualities should be equal to the set presented in the bride;

  • "Opposites are attracting" - here the choice is made according the principle of addition: a man and a woman should complement each other. But this approach is applicable only regarding the difference at the psychological level. At the social level, people should be equal;

  • "Satisfy needs" - the bride is able to meet the needs of the person. If a man is ready and can satisfy a woman’s desires, and a woman satisfies a man’s desires, then they create a marriage;

  • "Beautiful cover." Some representatives create family unions only according to the principle of "we are looking good." The bride is selected according to external attractiveness, charm and sociability. Next comes a society that starts to admire or envy two beautiful people. It stirs the person to keep the union;

  • "She is a copy of my mother." Sometimes men try to select a bride who are very similar to their parents. A man picks up a woman like his mother; woman chooses a man like her father. The ability to get along with their parents helps them get along with their partners;

  • "Matching the desired with the real." The choice of the future bride is sometimes based on the fact that the bride plays the role that the man wants to enjoy. If the bride perfectly fits the expectations of the man, then he will choose her exactly.

Every man wants to find a good wife. The difficulty lies in the fact that the word "good" is individual for every person. Psychologists advise not to look for ideal bride who will not contradict a man and will begin to obey everything. One should look for ordinary Russian singles who can make a great party in marriage.

Family values, which Russian girls consider to be foreground

  • Love is the main family value for a Russian bride. It manifests itself in tenderness towards loved ones, the desire to take care of them, protect, be constantly nearby. Unions based on love - happy and prosperous. They are a strong stronghold, a safe haven, where you can always return, get support and comfort;

  • Trust - it is important to trust each other. With each problem, failure, any experiences, people should share with their families. Trust is difficult to be bought, one can only earn it, and often it takes long years;

  • Kindness - is the desire to help the weak, defenseless, to support, the need to be useful. Such relationships make the family more harmonious;

  • Loyalty is the guarantee of the love bond. Willingness to be with your loved one in grief and joy, despite any temptations. This quality is being formed in a person from early childhood through responsible attitude to words, deed, loyalty in friendship;

  • Mutual understanding - it is important to understand each other at once, to respect the interests and aspirations of the partner and children;

  • Respect - is expressed in sensitivity for the individuality of each family member, the inadmissibility of "spilling" one spouse under the interests and needs of the other, non-interference in the affairs of the young by parents.

Several life hacks to organize the first date

Sometimes it seems that first dates are an endless cycle of dinners in bars and restaurants. Undoubtedly, each of us had such an experience at least a dozen times. The first date should be fun and memorable, especially when it comes about the Russian bride. And, of course, you should not feel obliged to do what you do not like, for example drinking alcohol. Therefore, we are going to offer you alternative ideas for first dates that will help you get out from your comfort zone, they will be fun and unusual and may even help you continue your acquaintance with the potential bride you’ve just met:

  1. Culinary master class is a great option for a date. You may feel uncomfortable being at home with an unfamiliar person at the first date. Instead, go together to a culinary workshop. It may be a little expensive, but if you are really interested in the bride, you may find discounted options;

  2. A three-course dinner... in different places - a long dinner can seem tedious, especially during a first date. You can choose three different places to eat. So you will feel more comfortable with a new acquaintance, and this version of the dinner is rather unusual;

  3. Park - theme parks have come up not only for teenagers or to celebrate a birthday. Such a date can be quite fun, and steep slides will help you hold hands for the first time if you feel a little uncomfortable. In addition, balloons and cotton candy are so romantic. The theme park is a good excuse for you if you decide to eat an extra cake with your bride;

  4. A movie or an open-air concert - if the weather is warm, you can enjoy your favorite movies and music in the open air with your future bride. There are many street concerts, theater performances, films... these options are endless. In addition, they are often free. Browse local news magazines or newsletters - you never know what to find;

  5. Adventure “hunt” - such a date is easy to arrange. Imagine what you would like to do if this was your last day. Get creative. You can even write a small list. And let your bride do the same. It can be both the most simple things, and more complex.

First dates determine the development of your love story with Russian female. There is nothing wrong with a classic dinner and a movie, but it would be better to add a little spice!

Mail-Order-Bride: attitude in society

For many men, a Mail-Order-Bride is the only chance to get a warm and cozy atmosphere at home. Today, the appeal to a marriage agency is a fairly common occurrence, so people do not see anything strange in this and speak positively about Russian Mail-Order-Wives. Thriftiness is the key feature for which foreigners love Russian women, if they are set up for a serious relationship. Russian brides have time for everything: to look great, look after children, keep the house in order. They will always find something to treat unexpected guests and feed husband, who suddenly stopped in the afternoon from work. They know how to love and how to take care of their loved ones. These girls will gladly iron their favorite shirt, fasten up a tie, and help to choose clothes. For pretty Russian bride this is a completely natural occupation, while European women are not ready to occupy their time with such things.

Therefore the Russian bride is not likened to service personnel. It demands respect, gratitude in the form of pleasant surprises, remains an equal participant in solving important family issues. Even after years of marriage, Russian mail-order-brides need romance, dates and declarations of love, but she actively supports the sensual side of relationships. Russian mail-order brides are real prize.

The legality of Russian brides must be documented

Marrying beautiful Russian women is absolutely legal. However, it is necessary to comply with a number of requirements that a country makes regarding this issue. For example, in order to enter into a legitimate marriage with a Russian girl in France, the bride must extend there at least forty days. The package of documents for official registration may differ not only in different countries, but even in different municipalities of one country. However, usually brides will need to collect, translate into a foreign language and legalize the following documents:

  • birth certificate;

  • certificate of marital status;

  • certificate of divorce (if you she was previously married);

  • death certificate of the spouse (under appropriate circumstances);

  • documents on the change of name (in appropriate circumstances).

And also provide copies of Russian and international passports of the bride.

Main male qualities which attract Russian brides

Features that attract the female population to the opposite sex:

  1. External beauty and strength. Every bride wants a delightful tall and pumped up young man near. Not necessarily the world bodybuilding champion, but with strong hands and dice press. However, many brides refuse such an option. External beauty is good, but not the most important thing in a man. Where internal is more important;

  2. Wealth - many brides are not looking for wealth in a man, but the ability to earn money and feed their families. And this is real if there are such qualities: dedication, determination, resourcefulness and activity;

  3. Strength and reliability. Naturally, bride is looking for protection in the counter man. This is dictated by instincts. The young man should be able to stand up for themselves and their loved ones. It has nothing to do with the press and biceps. We are talking about courage;

  4. Independence. Women rarely want to raise a man, become his “mommy”. Especially if a child appears in the family. For long-term relationships, Russian brides need a man who will solve all problems and will take responsibility for her actions.

Most Russian girls agree: a young man must be faithful. Strength, reliability, responsibility - all this is wonderful. But a woman should have confidence that a man will always love and support her.

Getting a Russian bride: investments

A marriage agency is an organization of specialists who provide services for finding the desired Russian women for marriage. Agencies are engaged both in searching for couples within a city or country, as well as offering services in other states.

First of all, you need to understand that membership in a marriage agency will cost from 100 to 300 dollars. If you still like the Russian bride, you will have to pay for her flight and deposit about $ 1,000 to her bank account. Otherwise, she will not receive permission to enter the country.

Getting acquaintance with a bride is always fraught with difficulties. And sometimes it is better to turn to specialists with practical experience in matters of marriage and personal relationships in order to arrange a meeting with the right candidate. Naturally, all the expenses will have to carry out by one’s own.

How to avoid mistakes while choosing a Russian bride: practical recommendations

The right choice of a future bride is a very complicated matter and requires serious consideration. But this choice sooner or later have to make every man. So let's try to figure out how not to make a mistake, so that later it would not be excruciatingly painful? Which aspects should be considered when choosing hot russian brides?

The choice of the bride, as sociologists rightly claim, the guy needs to make no earlier than 24 years. If you doubt the correctness of your choice, or it turned out that you have more than one bride, you can simply take a sheet of paper and and write a brief description of top brides, consisting of four points, no more. These are:

  • character;

  • sexuality;

  • life attitude;

  • attitude to domestic issues.

You should place points in front of each item. Compare, and it will be easier to understand who suits you best. Which item of the above should be given more preference, and which one less, is an individual matter, as they say, a matter of taste. You just need to remember and do not forget that four features in one bride and all at 100%, do not happen.

Fortunately, now a lot of best Russian dating sites come to help, they select a partner based on your requirements and preferences. This way of Russian dating is most suitable for people oriented to serious relationships. It is much safer to contact the agency than, for example, to get acquaintances in the Internet, when there is no certainty who is hiding behind the avatar. Often, photos that your vis-a-viser issues as her own are taken from the world wide web, and the interviewee lies about his age, profession, material wealth or marital status.

In the marriage agency, this problem does not arise. All Russian ladies undergo a serious interview in order to eliminate deception or cheating. Photos that you submit will be exactly the same as the "original". With the appropriate person you will find a lot in common - the staff asks you to fill out questionnaires and process them. Of course, the final decision depends on mutual sympathy between you and the bride you’ve chosen, the agency only increases your chances of meeting “the very one” and give you some tips how to behave with her.