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Best Russian Girls

Lidia 31 y.o.
Russia Ekaterinburg

Наталья 30 y.o.
Russia St. Petersburg

Alina 28 y.o.
Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk

Alenka 21 y.o.
Ukraine Chernihiv

Alesia 23 y.o.
Spain Murcia

Елена 34 y.o.
Ukraine Mykolayiv

Yuliya 30 y.o.
Russia Kemerovo

Алина 22 y.o.
Ukraine Odessa

Elizaveta 25 y.o.
Ukraine Kiev

Tatyana 35 y.o.
Ukraine Mariupol'

Елена 25 y.o.
Ukraine Odessa

Виктория 21 y.o.
Ukraine Kiev

Diana 21 y.o.
Russia Volgograd

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Albina, 23y.o.
Uzbekistan, Samarqand
Кристина, 21y.o.
Russia, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
Valeria, 23y.o.
Russia, St. Petersburg
Catherine, 29y.o.
Russia, Moscow


We believe in doing business with the highest ethical and moral standards. With an emphasis on quality, both in our service and in the women we list, we acquaint most beautiful marriage minded and family oriented ladies.

All the girls go through checking procedure. We ruthlessly weed out the scammers (only 2 of every 3 girls pass the checking). You can always rely on our support and are most welcome to ask us. We will help you with advice or, if needed, check information about a particular girl you are interested in.

There is a possibility on this site to choose the girls not only by their beautiful appearance, but by professionally stated psychological recommendations.

First Steps

Register to the site and pay special attention to your pictures. Many men think that women do not pay attention to pictures - WRONG! They do. When you communicate with the person, then pictures go to the second plan. But in the beginning they do.

Russia is the country of traditional view on the roles of men and women. Most of the information is written in your profile. That's why your letter can be rather short. It can be rather traditional: I like you, do you like my profile. Or you can think of something more original. If you want to be slower in your approach send the Russian girls on the site postcards or ice-breaks.

In the first letters write when you can come to Russia, be definite. On this site, women are serious looking for a partner for life, and many of them met with the case when men just wrote, wrote, wrote for several years but the time went by. That's why many women reply less gladly when they do not know when a man can come.

Choose the women with whom it is easy for you to communicate, with whom you never miss words. Ask them for a telephone number, phone, talk with a girl will tell you more about her than tons of letters.

When you have established good relationship with a girl, try to come to Russia as soon as possible. The more you delay your visit to your girl the more chance that the relationship will go down.

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How it works

Every girl who registers at our site goes through the manual processing by the manager who checks her profile.

Every week the site "Best Russian Women" adds to our online database up to 2000 new profiles of single Russian girls and Russian women

Every week managers rejects from 100 to 200 scammers who try to register at the site

Every day men and Russian women at the site exchange with about 10000 letters

Every day there are about 3000 postcards, 40 video messages, 400 ice-breakers, 10000 winks sent

Every year there are about 700 our clients who come to Russia to meet their lady

Every week from 500 to 600 Russian girls remove their profiles from our online database as soon as they have found their soul mate and do not need our service anymore

Almost every day the site receives letters of thanks from our clients who have found their partners in life with a help of our dating agency "Best Russian Women"

How To Arouse Russian Women Quickly

The secret to a happy and long lasting relationship is to understand the needs of both partners. Sexual gratification is very important. It is the reason both partners should strive to make the other one happy and satisfied when it comes to sex. Sexual fantasy is an intriguing subject, and it is not entirely men’s turf, as some would like to believe. Russian Women also have their own fantasies. They can be just as sexual, if not more, than men. While men are known to be hot locomotives and requires nothing more than a wink to be aroused, it is not the same in women. How to arouse russian women is a very tricking matter. This is why men should learn how to arouse women. It takes a little work in order to rouse a woman’s fantasies.

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How To Flirt with Russian Girls Online

Web dating is like a year-long partner-hunting and matchmaking game almost everyone barges into. With over 40 million subscribing to internet dating services in the U.S, you can just sit around and eat popcorn while you overlook the opportunity of being single! There are lots of ways that teaches individuals how to flirt online, and these success flirting keys will help you grab that first date with Russian Women faster.

To guide us in enhancing romance in our net love life, expert web daters helped us give answers to a very basic question - "how to flirt online?". First things first, you should have fun using wit and humor no matter how simple a conversation goes. If your gut brings good vibes, you are most likely to get nice and bubbly compliments on the first chats until you turn that chemistry into a real date. Or if you haven't gone out of your shell yet, here are some effective tactics on how to flirt online...

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How To Start Conversations with Russian Girls

It's a Friday night and you're fresh from a day of work, sitting at a bar waiting for your guys. You call up the bartender and order up a drink to help you pass up the time, when someone catches your eye. At a nearby table, along with some of her friends, you see the most charming russian woman you've always wanted to meet. You start to walk towards her but stops midway... you think, "How am I suppose to start a conversation with her?"

You're a girl and you've waited all weekend long for a Friday night-out with the girls. You wear your hot black number hoping to finally meet Mr. Right. But halfway through brushing your hair, you stop and think, "What if Mr. Right walks right by you, how do you start a conversation with him?!" Still you silence this thought and now you're at a bar enjoying your drinks when Mr. Right (or at least you think he might be) starts to walk to where your table is. You start to panic and think, "Oh! What if he comes to sits with me, how do I start a conversation with him?!" However, as you start playing cool, you realize that he has stopped in his tracks and you wonder what might be the reason that he did. Is there something on your face? And as he turns around to walk the other way, you think, "Maybe I'm just not pretty enough..."

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Best Russian Women

Margarita 27 y.o.
Russia Novosibirsk

Olga 19 y.o.
Russia St. Petersburg

Albina 36 y.o.
Russia Tomsk

Яна 21 y.o.
Ukraine Kremenchuh

Tatyana 22 y.o.
Ukraine Odessa

Alla 21 y.o.
Ukraine Kiev

Марина 21 y.o.
Ukraine Kiev

Anna 30 y.o.
Uzbekistan Tashkent

Карина 26 y.o.
Russia St. Petersburg

Kseniia 27 y.o.
Russia Sochi

Ира 25 y.o.
Ukraine Kharkiv

Антонина 22 y.o.
Ukraine Kherson

Taya 35 y.o.
Ukraine Kiev