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How To Start Conversations with Russian Girls

It's a Friday night and you're fresh from a day of work, sitting at a bar waiting for your guys. You call up the bartender and order up a drink to help you pass up the time, when someone catches your eye. At a nearby table, along with some of her friends, you see the most charming russian woman you've always wanted to meet. You start to walk towards her but stops midway... you think, "How am I suppose to start a conversation with her?"

You're a girl and you've waited all weekend long for a Friday night-out with the girls. You wear your hot black number hoping to finally meet Mr. Right. But halfway through brushing your hair, you stop and think, "What if Mr. Right walks right by you, how do you start a conversation with him?!" Still you silence this thought and now you're at a bar enjoying your drinks when Mr. Right (or at least you think he might be) starts to walk to where your table is. You start to panic and think, "Oh! What if he comes to sits with me, how do I start a conversation with him?!" However, as you start playing cool, you realize that he has stopped in his tracks and you wonder what might be the reason that he did. Is there something on your face? And as he turns around to walk the other way, you think, "Maybe I'm just not pretty enough..."

But did it ever occur to you that you might share the same sentiments. Not the, I'm-not-pretty-enough but the reason why he turned his back on you might be because he, too, cannot quite figure how to start a conversation with you.

You wonder, quite often, how do other people do it. How do other people start a conversation with the people they like or just about anyone else. How come it's so easy for them while you find it so difficult to start a conversation with russian girl.

There are simple, easy and basic steps on how to start a conversation. Usually when "how to start a conversation" is discussed, people tend to think up of old pick-up lines. Please don't ever do this, its so cliché to say "have you been working out" or "nice weather we're having." Although the nice weather line oftentimes starts a conversation, other newer, better lines are better and ensures more than just small talk.

So how to start a conversation...

Before any communication takes place between two people, one must first get the attention of the other person. Try to capture his or her attention through looking into their eyes. When you have at least connected through your gazes, smile. Smile is important to start a conversation. By smiling you clearly show the other person that you are a nice person and that you don't mean any harm.

If you have done these things and still don't know how to start the conversation itself (or at least not able to think of a topic), try to buy time by looking around. A safe topic in starting a conversation can sometime be the things around you. Example, if you're at a bar try to comment on the drinks or the music to start a conversation with them. Or if you're on a private dinner and don't know quite how to start a conversation, try complementing on what they're wearing or their choice of food. Remember to always be polite and choose the positive things around you, these things always work when you want to start a conversation. And even when you've done the eyes-smile-small talk and still it falls flat (because the other person just seem uninterested) just try to do the three easy steps to start the conversation again. If it still doesn't work, look for someone else who is eager enough to listen and do the eyes-smile-small talk to start a conversation.